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NYC to Bear Mountain

STARTING POINT: Hudson River Greenway @ W. 181st Street pedestrian footbridge


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mile: turn: street/trail: distance: Notes:
0.00 X Henry Hudson Parkway 150 ft use pedestrian footbridge to cross parkway
0.00 R Riverside Drive 260 ft
0.1 L W. 181st Street 0.2 mi
0.3 R Fort Washington Ave 0.2 mi pass beneath I-95
0.5 R W. 177th Street 0.1 mi
0.6 R Cabrini Blvd 285 ft
0.6 L W. 178th Street 170 ft use sidewalk as you’ll be riding against traffic
0.7 L GWB south walkway 1.2 mi cross Hudson River
1.9 L Hudson Terrace/County Rd 505 0.5 mi use sidewalk path that runs downhill alongside Hudson Terrace (you will be going south)
2.4 L Henry Hudson Dr 8.2 mi
10.6 L Alpine Approach Rd 0.1 mi
10.7 R Rte 9W 1.7 mi at traffic light
12.4 R/X Palisades Interstate Pkwy 350 ft use staircase on right shortly after Ruckman Rd
12.45 L Forest View Trail 350 ft stay on trail closest to Palisades Interstate Pkwy and emerge from the woods onto exit shoulder
12.5 R State Line Lookout Rd 0.5 mi
13.0 S Old Rte 9W 1.1 mi paved but rough surface
14.1 R Ludlow Ln 0.2 mi parallel to Rte 9W, enter Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory campus
14.3 bR Ludlow Ln 0.7 mi
15.0 L Washington Spring Rd 0.1 mi
15.1 bR Corsett Ln 150 ft
15.1 bR Woods Road 0.3 mi
15.4 bL Woods Road 0.1 mi
15.5 R Unknown road 225 ft Bill Murray’s house at end of this road
15.5 L Trail approach to Tallman Mountain State Park 0.1 mi unpaved trail leads to Tallman Mountain bike trail
15.6 R Tallman Mountain trail 1.0 mi
16.6 bR Tallman Mountain trail 0.1 mi
16.7 R Tallman Mountain trail 0.1 mi
16.8 bR Tallman Mountain trail 0.5 mi Piermont Marsh on right
17.3 R Piermont Ave/River Rd 3.8 mi
21.1 L Main Street 0.1 mi
21.2 R N. Broadway Ave 2.0 mi
23.2 R N. Broadway Ave 0.3 mi enter Nyack Beach State Park
23.5 S Hook Mt/Nyack Beach Bikeway 1.4 mi
24.9 bR Hook Mt/Nyack Beach Bikeway 3.5 mi to Haverstraw
28.4 S Riverside Ave 1.2 mi pass ferry port (Girling Dr)
29.6 R West Street 0.4 mi
30.0 S Broadway 0.6 mi West St. becomes Broadway after Main St.
30.6 bR Samsondale Ave 0.3 mi
30.9 R Tanneyanns Ln 0.3 mi
31.2 R Railroad Ave 0.1 mi
31.3 bL Beach Rd/River Rd/Grassy Point Rd 2.0 mi
33.3 R Beach Rd 0.4 mi
33.7 L Tomkins Ave 0.4 mi
34.1 R N. Liberty Dr/202E/9W 3.9 mi
38.0 bR River Road 0.5 mi
38.5 S Jones Point Path 1.9 mi find path entrance at end of River Rd. Condition of trail may require initial walking of bike
40.4 R 202E/9W 1.7 mi
42.1 R Bear Mountain Bridge 0.6 mi use north walkway if possible, cross Hudson River
42.7 bL NY-9D/Bear Mountain-Beacon Hwy 8.6 mi
51.3 L Main Street 0.3 mi
51.6 L Lunn Terrace 0.1 mi cross over railroad tracks
51.7 L Market Street 300 ft
51.75 END Arrive Cold Spring Station END Cold Spring Station on left
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